Interior decoration

I am always delighted to share my experience and know-how with all of those who entrust me with the challenge of creating for and with them their interior decoration in a unique way, and so since over twenty years.
Double curtains, metting blinds, cushions, sofas and period or contemporary chairs, armchairs....
I welcome you in my art gallery workshop so that we can combine the alchemy of colours and material: wood, furniture, items, velvet, linen, silk, printed fabric, coton, braid, curtain rod, leather...

Atelier Elisabeth Vardasca - 134, rue d'Aubervilliers 75019 Paris, Hôtel artisanal Métropole 19 Bât A 4 étage Porte 3 - Phone : 06 83 39 07 15 - Email : evardasca@free.fr